Office buildings, high-rise condominiums, schools, retail storefronts, single offices. We provide services ranging from CCTV installation to computer network cabling. We say in our industry “cable is cheap” not that it necessarily is but the cost of it can be double or triple if we have to come back in and retrofit cable after construction is complete. Even if you aren’t sure you will want cameras in every location or network cables as opposed to one you might as well put it in now so you have the option in the future. This cabling can often be used adversely for things like phones, speakers, video, intercom, the list goes on. We believe it is best, for a few dollars more to be prepared for the unforeseen.
Security is an important issue for all businesses, not only for robberies and break ins but also for transients trespassing at night or lawsuits by litigants who claimed to be injured by an unmarked step, or opening door. Closed circuit monitoring systems can provide proof of false claims as well as identification of criminals and transients. We offer the best in Speco Camera systems, both IP and hardline systems, which can be monitored from a main office or remotely from an IP address.
Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras ( PTZ ) offer the user the greatest flexibility and control. Using the integrated controller, the user is able to zoom in on objects up to 10X magnification, or rotate cameras up to 360 degrees, to find a specific individual. These cameras can also be programmed to pan and zoom whole areas constantly, then start recording when movement is detected.

Data / Phone Networks

Computer and phone networks or “Structured Wiring” are the backbone of any business or office space. In order to operate efficiently every business needs a secure efficient and reliable phone and data network. Using poor cable quality and poor routing techniques can lead to a broken line and a downed network. We use only cable from highly rated companies like Belken and Genesis cable. We guarantee all network systems for 3 years, we provide all the essentials like racks, wall jacks, and wall plates, and we test every line for continuity prior to handing the system over to the consumer.


Control systems are the key component of any home automation system. We offer a wide array of control systems from RTI (Remote Technologies Incorporated), and Crestron to accommodate every users needs. These solutions allow for ease of usability with components like lighting controls, climate control, and in some cases, even appliance control. Some of our more advanced control systems allow the user to interface with their lighting controls and security systems from anywhere in the world. The links below will offer you just a glimpse of some of our possibilities, call us so we can start planning to get your electronics under control.

Hospitality, Bar owners, Restaurateurs and Hoteliers. In todays market it is not only important to offer the best in food, drinks, and accommodations, but also entertainment. Today customers are becoming more accustomed to and demanding of quality Audio and Video entertainment, so give them what they want before someone else does, and use it to your advantage. We can offer the best prices in TVs, projectors, and sound systems to attract them. In addition we can design a control system from the ground up which allows you to change channels on any TV, change the audio source being listened to, dim or raise the lights, or even throw out an unruly customer, and all from behind the bar or server station. Okay maybe that last part wasn’t true about throwing out unrully customers, but seriously, these control systems can control anything electronic, and can even be programmed to do things on a timer, or remotely from your computer, like turn off lights or turn on an alarm. Does the cost seem too high? Digital signage is the newest way of communicating with your customer and can pay for itself by allocating some of your marketing budget to them. Change specials on a moments notice without dirty chalk boards or printing paper. Advertise upcoming events, or drink specials and their ingredients. All these advertisements can be run over the top of network broadcast commercials so your patrons won’t have to see and advertisement for the place down the street. Bottom line is, audio video presentation is an excellent entertainment and advertisement platform for you.
Digital Signage can be changed on a moments notice, and the High Definition image makes the food look more appetizing than printed images that fade over time.